Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another LOL

The other morning I woke up to something funny. My husband was getting ready for works so my kids woke up when they heard him. And the first thing I hear when i wake up is my 3  year old telling my 2 year old "Daddy is here, let's go GET HIM!!!!!" and they both jumped out of bed and went and each hugged one of my husbands legs and said "GOOD MORNING! I LOVE YOU!!!"  It was the funniest most precious morning....or one of many... just thought I'd share! =D


  1. and that is the joy of families, moments like this are priceless xxx

  2. oh that is so precious. Your family looks & sounds the picture of love.

    thanks for stopping by my giveaway, hope you come back by soon!

  3. Those kinda mornings were my most favorite, great memories,Cherish them always.