Friday, January 29, 2010

Conversations with Micah

We were looking through pictures today and micah saw an ultrasound of him and i told him that it was Micah when he was in my tummy. Later that day...or night actually, the movie March of The Penguins came on and we told him that it was the movie we watched the night he was born...or when he came out of my tummy he was very quiet that night and was thinking for a long time... He asked me if "mommy put micah in her tummy" and i said no God put you in my tummy....and he was thinking for a long time....i thought he was asleep for the night. Then all of a sudden he sits up and says "Mom...where's God?" and i said "He's up in heaven" again quiet.....then he says "Mommy, I want God to come here." I said "why baby" and Micah responds "Because I want God to put me back in your tummy!" ~~~ he then laid his head on my stomach and fell asleep!

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