Thursday, March 5, 2009

I lost my Ipod

It happened last Saturday, I left my iPod on the airplane coming home from visiting my family. I had my two boys with me so it was hard enough as it was to try to keep them quiet on the plane, and then upon leaving the terminal, I realize I didn't have it with me. I'm kind of upset now, because I have not recieved any reports of it being found. I contacted the Airline Lost and Found, Airport Lost and Found, filed a police report, and even spoke with the Head of the cleaning crew for that flight. I was the very last passenger off the airplane that night, so the only people behind me were the flight crew.
Kind of Sad if one of them took it because I rode the train all the way back to the baggage area with them all, and if anyone of them did get it, they had to think about it the whole trip there. Me and my two little boys sitting right near them. The only other thing I can think is that the very same crew that told me they didn't find it, took it and lied.
Sometimes I hate thinking the worst , but it's been 5 days since I last have seen it. Wow! $400 down the drain. I just can't imagine why apple hasn't set up a way of tracing these things. It's very upsetting and annoying. They just want me to go and spend more money to get a new one. Right! I called to report it to apple and all they said was that I could qualify for a discount on a refurbished iPod. Sure! Give me a "discount" on your used parts.
I still have a glimmer of hope within me that my iPod will fall into the hands of an honest person who will try to reach me by all means necessary. I have posted it on craigslist and several other areas. If anyone finds it contact denver police with the serial number and know that there is a reward for it! Contact me. Thank you.

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