Thursday, June 1, 2006

Home is where the FOOD is.

Well. I'm here at my parents house. Man, these people never eat here, I can tell....Cause there's no FOOD! Me and Jon are staying the night b/c we are thinking of moving in sometime in september so we can start saving mula for a new house. I just wanted to say that God is soooo Awesome! Our church has bought a couple of properties right there around the church and as many of you know, one of them is going to be turned into a lil Cafe and also new offices for all us staff. Yay! My own office...(No offense Jonathan! I love you.)
Yeah so like I was saying, we also purchased a couple of lots behind the church which we are using for parking. Going good going good.
Well NOW... there is over an acre of land close to the church that went for sale and when we first saw it it was like 1.2 Million dollars. God has really put vision in my dad's heart to buy a lot of this land around the church to expand! Well, the church prayed on Monday Night Prayer (6:00pm if you wanna join) and they prayed for that land. TADA!!! They went to go talk to the owners and found out they had brought the price down like $400,000! So now it's up for $800,000!!!!! WOW.
The house we bought for the cafe was almost 200,000 and they gave it to us for 100,000! That's God. We want to make an offer for $400,000 because that is the amount the loan company granted us. We are believing God that He will provide a way. So keep praying for us and this land.
Our vision is to make the current church an education center, have a cafe for fellowship and what not, Build a Multipurpose Gymnasium on the current land we have that will triple the amount of people we have on sunday mornings now, and maybe build on the land behind us to have a recovery home for those who are getting off drugs and that lifestyle, we are hoping that we can buy the two homes that are between this land we are praying for and the current church. That would almost give us the whole block. MAN WE SHOULD MAKE THE CITY AN OFFER FOR THE WHOLE CITY...YEAH!!! :)
Jon's vision is to start a Master's commission and get these Uth discipled for Jesus! God is doing SOOOO much it's not even funny! I don't even think I mentioned all we plan to do or what is already in progress, but you probably get my drift now. Pray hard all you prayer warriors. God wants to reach Avondale, Arizona and all the surrounding areas!!!!
For those of you still with me on this Blog Post! Thanks So much for your interest. And God Bless y'all. Keep us in your prayers....
As a little added note!! WE HAVE 4 WEEKS LEFT UNTIL MY DUE DATE!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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